Register as Personal Shopper


Fashion goes, the style remains

--- Yves Saint Laurent

Being stylish is a skill.
Whether you’re a professional stylist or just a fashion enthusiast, Neatyy is for you !
We allow you, on your free time, to offer your services as personal shopper.
You just have to create your profile and fill your availabilities.

Registration Steps

Step 1

Create your as precisely as possible.

Step 2

Update your availabilities regularly.

Step 3

Inform your customer of the meeting place via the Neatyy Chat and be on time on D-day.

Step 4

Understand and exchange about what your customer needs via the Neatyy platform. Briefly study the shape and the style desired. The shopping spree is conducted by you, with the customer’s agreement.

Step 5

Find the ideal look for your customer. The better the care, the better your ratings. Do not forget to mention that there is no obligation to purchase in any store. You don’t get commission on what the customer purchases. It is all about making the customer feel free.

Step 6

Ask your customer to rate the experience on the Neatyy platform and then receive your payment on your bank account.

Please read and apply the following instructions. By registering, you confirm that you have read and approved them.

The personal shopper qualities

  1. To focus on his customer and to be attentive to him.
  2. To be passionate about fashion.
  3. To adapt and understand the customer needs.
  4. To be updated with the new trends.
  5. To be efficient, positive and in a good mood.
  6. To find the absolute must have

The Neatyy personal shopper guide

The Neatyy personal shoppers are fashion enthusiasts before all. They guide their customers during a shopping spree to make the right clothing choices.

The idea is to teach your customer how to shop. Do not let your customer buy clothes that will sit unused at the bottom of a closet.

After a shopping session with one of the Neatyy personal shoppers, the customer has learned a shopping method: to think in terms of look.

The personal shoppers’ aim is to ensure that their customers will find the right look, according to their needs, their tastes and their budget. Everybody has one’s own style and universe!

It is important to create mutual confidence, so that the shopping spree is a moment of pleasure. The appointment has to be given in a public place where there are clothing stores.

The personal shopper has to go through the platform to be protected in case a customer would fail to pay or against any kind of problem. The personal shopper can also take advantage of the advertising thanks to the comments of his customers and then benefit from offers. Personal shoppers who would be found bypassing the Neatyy platform would be banned and prevented from meeting other customers. Moreover, it is strictly prohibited to copy, steal or use a customer’s personal data. In that case, Neatyy would reserve the right to file a lawsuit.

The personal shoppers, must, if they want to appear on the platform, ensure that their schedule of appointments is up-to-date. It is necessary that the personal shopper thinks ahead and takes travel time and meal breaks into account in order not to waste customer’s time.

We advise all new, inexperienced personal shoppers to offer shopping sessions starting at reasonable prices to start their business on Neatyy, giving you the chance to gather opinions, gain experience, gain efficiency and legitimacy with your future customers. The personal shoppers must complete their profile as precisely as possible to attract the right customers, those who correspond to them and they will be able to help. They must post fashion photos and write a description. This filter will allow them to be found more easily during the customer’s research.