Frequently Asked Questions

First steps on Neatyy

Neatyy put fashionistas in relation with customers who want to benefit from shopping advice. How it works? Well, it is very simple!

Fashionistas propose their availabilities on their profiles and the interested customers can book a time slot. Then we will have no more than to go together for a shopping spree. Simple, friendly and accessible to all budgets, Neatyy allows to everyone an access to fashion advice, and combine pleasure with practicality while creating your wardrobe. The inscription is fast and free, Neatyy propose a shopping spree with a personal shopper confidently, thanks to the surfers notes and written opinions. Try it now!

To register on Neatyy and take advantage of shopping sprees, two solutions: with an email or a Facebook account.

By choosing to subscribe with your email address, you follow the steps asked in the form by filling the required information. By choosing to subscribe with your Facebook account, your information will be directly synchronized in one click. You have the choice to post your information or to mask them. Once the registration done, we will ask you to complete your profile to increase your chances of getting shopping sprees, by adding your phone number and a profile picture.

You must complete your profile the most precisely possible so that the personal shopper that you will chose can identify as well as possible your needs and expectations. Your data will be accessible only after that the appointment will be given on Neatyy. Your profile stays private to all the others personal shoppers and all the other users of the platform.

Leaving your opinion about your personal shoppers is important!

Posting a comment after using Neatyy allows to get a feedback about the shopping sprees proper conduct, the exchanges between the members and to inform the community of the experience quality with the user concerned. Positive comments show that a personal shopper is trustworthy to the community. In summary: more the personal shopper get positive comments, the more we can trust him ! You can click on the notification which appears on your dashboard after a shopping spree. If you wrote via the chat to that member, you will find directly a link in the conversation that allows you to leave your opinion. Then, you will have access to the form of opinion publication: Evaluate the personal shopper by replying at the questionnaire which is composed of only § questions. Your answers allow to assign him a mark out of 10. Write a comment describing briefly your experience. Do you recommend that member to the all community?

You are a customer

To find a personal shopper, simply use your search engine available on the home page by informing one criteria or more criteria. All the personal shoppers who match to these criteria will be proposed to you.

To choose your future personal shopper with confidence you could look at :

  1. His opinions and his global mark
  2. Thanks to his style preferences, his profile pictures or his bio
  3. His availabilities

You have also access to the chat which allows you to communicate with the personal shopper before booking a time slot. Then you have to send a reservation request. The personal shopper benefits from a 48 hour delay to respond. If about after 48 hours he did not answer you, your reservation will be cancelled and your account won’t be debited. You could choose someone else. If the personal shopper responds favourably, you could exchange about the meeting place of the shopping spree.

You could cancel your shopping spree if you have a setback.

If that setback happens 24 hours before the appointment, you will be paid back entirely. If you cancel between 24 hours and 12 hours the appointment, you will be paid back at 50% and if you cancel at least of 12 hours before the appointment, then the entire amount is owed to Neatyy.

You have access to the contact menu and can send a message to the administrator.

The personal shopper evaluation takes place after the shopping spree. You will receive a 6 questions questionnaire which allows to assign a mark out of 10 to your personal shopper according to your answers. Then you will have to leave a comment about the services that you received.

You are a personal shopper

Each personal shopper must complete as regular as possible in order to always have available time slots. Without that, he won’t be visible by the customers. It is sufficient to login and to update his schedule immediately.

The personal shopper must complete his profile as precisely as possible to gain in visibility on Neatyy.

It is strictly forbidden to pass over the platform to do a personal shopping with a customer met on Neatyy, otherwise, your profile will be deleted and you will be banned from the platform. Moreover, any payment guarantee and insurance is possible if the personal shopper pass over the platform. Neatyy allows to the personal shoppers to gain in notoriety thanks to their opinions and marks written by the Neatyy users. In the future, we hope we could offer to the personal shopper the best rated, offers for some brands.

One simple rule to memorize:

The personal shopper is responsible for the shopping spree proper conduct with his customer. The personal shopper qualities:

  1. Concentrate his attention on his customer and be attentive to him.
  2. To be passionate about fashion
  3. To adapt and understand the customer needs
  4. To be updated with the new tendencies
  5. To be efficient, in good mood and positive
  6. To find the absolute must have

Your payment will be transferred to the bank account within 8 working days after the appointment.

What about Neatyy on mobile?

The website is available with a mobile version. In the future, an application will be created.

Other questions?

You can contact the administrator via the contact tab.

You can contact the administrator via the contact tab.

You can contact the administrator via the contact tab.

For now, there is no offer available, but we are going to create a tab for this purpose.