2018-11-16 11:23:23


There are certain things that are embedded in us, habits we take without even realizing it. And they are not always good habits, or rather, they are not always correctly used ... Since women are teenagers they all know that white « makes you fat ».
We were told and repeated « no white on some areas ».

But recently the fashion makes it so that the « total look » is fashionable. And inevitably, after visiting the all black (a classic), red, camel, gray, blue ... it was necessary to test the white!

And what a beautiful idea!
If you want to shine among the crowd, adopt the total white look!
Whether it's a dress with boots, pants under a shirt or even a jog, once you go to the TOTAL look, no more « makes you fat »!
For those who find it difficult to get started but are tired of hiding behind an all-black look, here are some items to encourage you and show you that it's never too late to come out of the shadows ?

Shirts, boots, sweaters, dresses, it's your choice!

Remember that the best outfit you can wear stays your confidence!

Trust yourself, trust this white that will make you shine ?

Have a nice shopping session with Neatyy !