2018-11-22 08:58:51


As you were able to see this week, Latifah (@lallasmind) is our personal shopper of the week.
For you, she made an exclusive party selection that you could discover in our Instagram story (@neatyy_fr).

In her list, an element aroused us and we could see that you too: the sequin dress ?

If we start from the basics ...
The dress is the ultimate symbol of femininity, long, short or knee length... someone with a dress is usually a woman (girl, little girl… you know what I’m saying ?),  whether the cutting is close-fitting or not.
Sequins are rather related to the spectacular, the world of the beautiful and the night!

So when you mix all that, necessarily the dress with glitter is THE item to wear to brighten up the evening and (literally) shine a thousand lights ?

For you, we made a special selection of sequined dresses perfect for Christmas Eve with family (or friends, but a little classy anyway, huh) but also for the evening of December 31st.
Yes, yes, we know that everyone is not a fan of 31st’s parties and that some prefer staying home, under the duvet, with girlfriends, with Mr. or with Netflix (this good old Netflix).
But there are also party girls in this world, who prefer to pass to 2019 by partying, and our girlfriends have to find something to wear right?

So just for them (but really also for everyone !) ... we made a Top 10 of our most beautiful sequined dresses ...

If you're in the mood to put your eyes on it, take notes, and even more if you don’t dare glitter… Try the Neatyy experience and find the one that will suit you best with a Personal Shopper! ??

Have a nice Shopping Session with Neatyy!