2018-12-14 17:20:10

These essential accessories for winter

Grilled chestnuts, warm wine and festive atmosphere... December is definitely here and well started. It's good to know that Santa Claus is preparing his presents and that, during this time, we are planning the festivities! Yum yum we can not wait to fill the can!

Hard to say when you are sensitive to the cold but... Winter is still good! Yes, it’s cold and yes, the days are shortened, but regarding fashion, we’re still good. Between the shades of the season and the new materials, we are well served and we love it!

Even if for some, it's hard enough to survive, others are quite happy that winter is there because it’s also an opportunity to wear items that we love and that we can only wear in cold weather: boots, coats and all those pretty accessories that are only allowed in winter!

At Neatyy we love to accessorize our outfits and make selections for you.
We have therefore peeled our resources to find you some rare gems that will match this season and this spirit of holidays! And above all, we thought of you, sensitive to cold people, with soft scarves!

We hope you enjoy it, and maybe you’ll want to call a personal shopper to go shopping session! ?