2018-11-07 11:15:36


At Neatyy, you know it's a habit to give you some rather feminine fashion advice... but Neatyy is also personal shopping for men. On our site, the personal shoppers specify if they are only working with female, or both. So don’t hesitate ?

Although these gentlemen often remain discreet, they can also have a boost in fashion. After all, not all men are necessarily disinterested in fashion, it's well known.

Some are more jogging, t-shirts and baskets when others are rather shirt, pants and moccasins. But even if the styles are different, the suite to a man is like the little black dress to a woman: unavoidable!
Whether for a special occasion or for a job everyday (or just for fun everyday) the costume is essential in the closet of a man.

And that's why this Wednesday we want to tell you more about the brand Samuelsohn.

Created in 1923, the house aims to offer luxurious materials and ancestral techniques implemented by today's technology. Specialized in suits, Samuelsohn offers its customers a range of proposals that will delight more than one man ... but also more than one woman!

Women like to see a man in a suit, well dressed and clean. This essential element is synonymous with beauty, class and success, so it's definitely appreciated...

Find all the repertory of Samuelsohn on their website and see if you find the perle rare. Ladies, it's a good gift idea, as Christmas is approaching, and for smaller budgets: a Neatyy shopping session with a personal shopper that will help them find the best suit for them! And for you, gentlemen, it's just a very good idea ?!

Good shopping with Neatyy ?