2019-01-11 15:55:17

SALE: Asos, 12 colourful sneakers to brighten the winter.

Usually, we tend to associate the winter with a style with neutral and dark colors such as gray, green, brown, camel, black ... all these colours are ones of "winter" in today's fashion.
Of course, we love them (you know how much we love black), don’t get us wrong. But at Neatyy, we find it a pity to limit ourselves to these colours and not to try to associate them with some other ones.

So the thing is not easy, many have trouble buying tops or bottoms of colours. The solution when you are a little shy but want to try new things is the accessories. Yes, if in doubt, bet on accessories!
The shoes, the bags, the jewels, the hats, it can even go to the socks. It’s according to you, and to your tastes.

And today, we wanted to make you a small selection of our favorite sneakers at ASOS. ALL IN SALES !! Is not that nice? ?

It can be a difficult cap to pass to wearing a pair of shoes with lots of colours on it, but it’s ideal to break a monochrome outfit or brighten a dress a little dull.

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