2018-12-27 11:21:42

Post-Christmas : How To Recover From This Food Overdose.

That's it ! We just spent the most fat period of the year. We hope you were spoiled and had a wonderful Christmas. But hey, the meals with 40 000 dishes and the good wine was fine but it can decently not last all year. But not so fast, the December 31st is coming, and this one too is not bad on a food level.
If we believe what we hear everywhere, the most important 2019 resolution revolves around health, of the mind and the body.

"Relax, I’m not getting in any arguments and im taking care of myself"

Basically, it goes through:
  • go to the gym,
  • eliminate sources of anger,
  • do what you love,
  • please yourself,
  • eat healthy.

... Well , let’s say the last one is not starting well. And the truth is we eat so much that we are a bit too lazy to actually go to the gym.
For all those who would find themselves in this situation, here are some tips to slowly get over these meals very (if not too much) festive.

  • Make an apple detox: eat a maximum amount of apples over a period of 3 days. Opt for apples carefully washed to crunch the skin, strong in antioxidants ;
  • Drink lemon water. It will purify and wash the stomach and in addition it’s a cure for bad breath ;
  • Eat smaller portions ;
  • Make soups ;
  • Drink herbal teas with honey and lemon ;
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables ;
  • More white meat and fish,
  • Use almond oil, rapeseed oil or olive oil (for taste ?).

Well... you know almost everything! Or at least, you know everything we know! ?

Merry Christmas and enjoy your shopping with Neatyy ?