2018-11-30 13:47:32


After a collection committed to the LGBTQ cause, with very colorful (of course) and very trendy models, Miley Cyrus releases a new collaboration with Converse! The brand, which is a classic, allies with an icon of pop and all those who have watched Hannah Montana!

Based on leather, velvet, metallic colors and the biggest trends of the moment, the collection is made to be recognized. A little taste of nostalgia but especially a lot of style!

At the level of the shoes, we have the platform (more or less big, according to the models), the high converse and the low converse, classic things... or not, believe us, it's worth the detour, converses like you have never seen them.

For clothes, we are happy to see color and originality in sportswear! It's refreshing ... the apogee for clothes in which you normally have to sweat. ?

We know that the pop star had always given some importance to the style but especially to the fact that it can be a means of expression. We hope that this new capsule collection will complete your outfits!

Basically in this collection, there is the rock side, there is the pop side, the urban side and the retro side ... in short, it pleases everyone. Converse with Miley Cyrus, it's both dressed and relaxed!

We let you discover our favorite pieces ❤️

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