2018-10-31 12:23:00

Maintain your boots in winter

Winter is here, we’re there!

Whether you like the season of hot chocolate or not, it’s well and truly arrived. And with its lot of little bother. We know that many of you don’t get downhearted and continue to live the fashion whether it’s windy, rainy or snowy, and we looooove that!

And that's why we wanted to give you a little help.

Whether they are low, knee length or thigh length, everyone wears boots in winter, and especially leather boots.

It’s a delicate matter that requires special attention. You have to pay attention to the water, the snow, to the ground ... it's tiring.

At Neatyy we wanted to give you some tips to maintain your leather boots and make the job easier.

1) When you want to clean leather boots, it’s very important to start by gently removing the dirt or any other matter that may be present on the shoe. Using a small nailbrush or even a toothbrush (which will no longer be used of course ?), scrub the residue after allowing it to dry on the shoes.

2) Then, don't hesitate to slightly soak a cloth with hot water and pass it over the dirty areas to try to clean the marks left by the residues mentioned above.

3) Finally, one must oil their boots to nourish the leather and give it a shiny appearance. Leather is a skin, it needs hydration, just like ours, it’s a very important step that will give life back your shoes and prevent small inconvenience such as cracking.

For shoes that have lost some of their color, we recommend you use a polish of the shoe color to restore its uniformity and, again, the shine. The shoe polish protects the shoe and waterproofs it, but for those who don’t want to use a polish, a waterproofing is also the solution for good protection.

Here you are! Now you know everything and you have all the tools to keep your boots healthy during these winters!

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