2018-12-07 20:48:36

In the accessories family, I ask for watches!

At Neatyy, we love accessories, to use them is the way to perfect an outfit ,and if there is one that can sublimate a wrist, it is the watch. You will understand, we are in favor of the cause!

Whether you choose a square, a round or an oval face, it does not really pose constraints. On the other hand, the bracelet says everything about the use that will be made of the watch, the occasion to which it will be worn.

A golden bracelet, is quite flashy, so much more interesting if worn with a sober, not too accessorized outfit.
In silver, it’s ideal for all occasions. From brunches to dancing nights.
Silvery and golden: it’s suitable for the day as the night but it’s still more flashy for its golden side.

The leather bracelets are for a more classic and serious style, more intimate because simpler for the most part.

Ceramic bracelets do go everywhere, depending on their color, they are more suitable for one environment than another but the material is good for every occasion.

Finally, the rubber bracelets are very practical for a longer use, they also have this sport touch that we like!

Be careful not to choose a face too big that is going to look too large on your wrist, or too small that will go quickly granny style!

As usual, we want to share our ideas and our most beautiful finds!
Who knows, in this lot of watches there may be a nice gift to ask Santa Claus ?

Have a good shopping trip with Neatyy ?