2018-11-02 11:41:30

How to stay warm but stay stylish

It’s definitely getting colder and it gets harder and harder to stay stylish.

To help you we have made a small selection of our essentials to stay stylish while maintaining a reasonable temperature ?

1. Oversized mesh sweater
This is ideal for a (hidden) lazy day. The big pull is good on jeans for a casual look, on a pair of joggers for a street look and over a skirt for a more classy outfit. Basically : it matches everything.

2. The down jacket
Ideal for a street look but especially ideal to stay warm ?. What is done a lot is to wear it over a dress or a skirt. (You need to test : the vinyl jacket.)

3. The puffer jacket
People would say "rather mid-season" but ... it depends on which bomber we’re talking about. Little trick: a puffer jacket will give a curved effect to your pretty cheeks ?

4. The long woolen coat
A must, it gives a look, emphasizes the stature and dresses any outfit. Black, camel, white, gray .. it's up to you ?

5. The thigh length coat
With a check print, this is the way to stay warm and show the bottom of a carefully chosen look ?

6. The tight knit dress
Adopt a sexy look, but just what you need, with a pretty knit dress that highlights your curves and make heads turn when you walk by ?

Ladies, we hope we’ve helped you with this small selection. Even if winter is coming (or is already there in some areas), that does not mean it's time to lay down your weapons and go for our comfy looks.

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