2018-12-12 17:27:49


Uniqlo is a Japanese ready-to-wear brand established in France since 2007.
At Neatyy's, we found that we usually don’t hear a lot about them.
People know the brand because it’s a classic in the puffer jacket. But the brand also offers a very sober and minimalist winter catalog.

On the other hand, the brand is also known for its thermolactyl garments which are decidedly indispensable for the most sensitive to the cold of us.
The brand is also recognised for their price-quality ratio which is better than rivals like Zara or Mango.

In short, we think that UNIQLO is a brand to have in one’s closet when they love soft, comfortable and warm matters
However, be careful not to fall into the total look. The brand is very (very) sober, a total look would be quickly boring. It is therefore very important not to hesitate to add a slightly lighter and more elegant material to a cashmere turtleneck.

As usual, we made a small selection just for you.
You'll find something to dress up for every day, to get to work, and even one or two gem for a night out.

We know, there is a lot of prejudices about the brand, "old and too sober", but sobriety is sometimes welcome and it’s not good to live with blinders !

Have a nice shopping session with Neatyy !