2018-12-21 16:53:48

Holiday stiletto heels.

The heeled shoe... This is not the first time we will tell you this : we love it a lot! It's feminine, it's chic, it refines and lengthens the silhouette, and in addition, it gives a very elegant walk.

Unfortunately, in winter heels are definitely not the first pair one thinks about. At a push: big heels, wooden, solid, like for boots. But stiletto ... let's say that it makes it easier to fall. But hey, in these festive times, some may want to put on a few pairs and show them to everyone at parties or dinners! ;)

You know it, at Neatyy, we like to help each other and share. If you miss the idea for your outfit, maybe it’s in all that! Here’s a small selection that we appreciated and we wanted to share.

With socks, without, a pair of tights, under a skirt, under a dress, here are a few pairs that will delight your outfits and help you stand out from the guests ;)