2019-01-03 11:59:24

#GoodResolutions: Spend Efficiently.

Bye-Bye 2018! Hello 2019!
From what we see, we are all very happy to see the sun rise in 2019 ; and the beginning of a new year marks the time of great decisions and traditional good resolutions. We want to consume organic, go to the gym or travel more... But above all, what we want is to put our money in what’s worth it. And that also means managing a shopping wallet ?

If you did not already know, shopping efficiently is Neatyy's primary goal. We want to offer a service that leads to a thoughtful purchase with which you will leave certain that you will wear the item purchased. To achieve this, we try everyday to find personal shoppers everywhere in France for you ?

A personal shopper registered on Neatyy is an individual...
  • Able to focus on the customer ;
  • Who listens ;
  • With a passion for fashion ;
  • Who knows how to adapt and understand the needs of a client ;
  • Always on the lookout for new trends ;
  • Who’s efficient, cheerful and positive ;
  • Able to find the client's heart cut piece.

When signing up for a Neatyy shopping spree or a home visit, here's what you sign for. The involvement and the listening of the customer are the bases of the policy that we strive to apply.

But Neatyy is also a personal shopping service that takes care of finding you an item you can’t find nowhere. Send us the photo of your article, or simply its description, and we will do our best to answer your request (free service for now, it’s now or never ?)

Anyone wishing to learn and receive advice is welcome. (this is perhaps how you will save money ?) but also all those who can’t go around looking for that damn pair of shoes seen in ELLE last week.

Happy New Year and have a nice shopping spree with Neatyy ?