2019-08-08 16:33:33

Fall Must Have

It takes little to be stylish. 

Here are our must-haves to shop for the fall season: 

A leather dress 

A pair of velvet shoes 

The white tee shirt 

Linen trousers 

A fine knit sweater 

The 6 colors to wear this autumn: fir green, rust and powder pink. Yellow, khaki and burgundy. Be careful, these colors do not go to everyone. If you have a doubt, we offer you our little test here! 

The print that will rage: peas! 

And finally the essential parts: The perfecto, the overall and the t-shirt with messages. 

Side shoes, big sneakers and boots pleated to the knees ... 

You know everything ! There is more to go shopping! 

Happy shopping with Neatyy