2018-12-06 09:58:04

Evening, by Maje

As we approach these holidays, which we have been waiting for since January 1st, the question is "what am I going to wear"? We know that in December, it's not the opportunities that are lacking, and it's especially the opportunity to have fun and get out of the budget (or not).

For those who did not know yet (just like us), Maje heard our lamentations and reveals a gift that will serve more than one: a collection completely dedicated to evening wear!
Based on lace, tulle, leather and the sexiest materials, the collection is full of sensuality.

Fun, chic, refined, these are the watchwords of the brand's Evening capsule collection.
If you do not know what to put on this weekend or for the holidays, take a look at it and that's for sure, you’ll find something. We have tops, we have jackets, dresses, shoes, everything, even accessories!

From little sequined shorts to sexy-chic suits, there's something for everyone!
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