2018-11-28 09:09:42

Bags, bags, bags ...

For many, the handbag is THE ACCESSORY par excellence. For work, for a night out, for a brunch, for sport ... you need bags for everything.
Some are more of pockets adepts, but one must recognize that when you have a wallet + a phone + glasses + all that little bazaar to lug in our handbags, it's more convenient to have one!

We have concocted a small selection of our favorites of the season at Zara and Mango! Yours to discover ! Tell us what you think about it by reacting on our social networks.

The handbag
For a working girl or just like a tote for a lazy day, it's almost essential to have a black one. It can play it both classy and casual! A true indispensable. We recommend you wear it with WHATEVER you want !

The shoulder bag
This is the right plan when you have less to carry. For an evening, play on dark colors or a piercing red. If you have the right one, it even has the power to decide if your outfit is sexy or not. But beware, it is not only suitable for parties, on the contrary. In a more pastel hue and more princess, it finishes a total look white to perfection. Do not forget that for most, the straps can be doubled, worn on shoulders, you will wreak havoc ?

The mini handbag
Well this one is a little jewelry. For some time now, fashion victims around the world have been snapping up these mini bags. However, in this one, one must not rely on all this bazaar that we usually lug in our bags. Yes, as its size indicates, it’s not possible to put more than the essential, and that's also why it's a perfect deal for a party. We keep it against us all night and it's so small that it's really not likely to get stolen ?

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