A moment at Mona By my Little Paris


Mona, ephemeral place created by My Little Paris. A place imagined by women for women. It feels a bit like home, except that it's better decorated and it's bigger! In 3 words, Mona is Inspiring Female Encounters. We eat the cuisine of "Maman" an American coffee-bakery concept installed in the premises of Mona for the occasion. There is a selection of delicious pastries, breads, coffee, breakfasts and fresh lunches. Mona is also events, sports, conferences, readings, makeup retouching ... in...

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How to be stylish with a Christmas sweater ?


Christmas is coming soon! Do you feel this frenzy in the stores to find all the gifts? And all these things that we really want to eat: hot chocolates, turkey...   In this period there is also the Christmas sweater ball that can be much less enchanting than the food ... The challenge is launched: Compose an everyday look with a Christmas sweater.   You do not have to wear the sweater with the big deer head with a red nose. However, if it's your desire, dare it! Otherwise ge...

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My first shopping spree with a personal shopper!


I did it, I dared! I did a shopping outing with a personal shopper and loved it! Attention, before booking I did not say that I absolutely needed a makeover as in the show "New look for a new life" with Cristina Cordula. I'm just a normal woman, It happened that I have shopping desires but without really knowing what I'm looking for. I am often a bit lost in the shops, I wander between the shelves by taking clothes at random ... It happens to me often, going back home with nothing or with clo...

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